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Long Term Care

Long-term care and skilled nursing facilities face the challenge of offering quality, patient-centered care while staying on budget. ASCC can provide affordable technology solutions for patient alerting and reporting needs that enable facilities to give the best level of care, safety and security while being cognizant of patient comfort.

Taking care of residents at all stages of care is our top priority. From real-time locating, pendants and life safety call systems to wireless devices and wandering solutions, we  have the expertise to fully integrate technology into one seamless system.

ASCC has a variety of options for door security, zone alerts, resident and staff assist buttons, proximity alarms and fall risk mitigation that provide a safe and secure environment essential for residents and staff.  And our mobility products allow for more efficient communication eliminating overhead paging and wasted time physically searching for staff and equipment.

Providing a quieter, secure environment that affords mobility and safety is our goal.

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