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In the healthcare sector, Rauland products are centered on the nurse call and tracking functions.  Communication solutions from Rauland Responder systems enable facilities to provide the best patient-focused care with prompt and efficient response to patient needs, playing a critical role in preventing potential dangers to patients well-being.

Responder’s capabilities are numerous:

  • Identify and communicate fall risks

  • Triage patient requests to appropriate members of the care team

  • Deliver automatic rounding reminders

  • Document activity to the EMR

  • Provide 2-way audio communication from the patient to the caregiver for immediate response

  • Identify and help isolate contagious patients

  • ...and many more.


These capabilities provide safety when patients are most vulnerable, reduce tedium of updating paper records, reduce alarm fatigue for better attentiveness, free RN time to deliver better patient care and allow caregivers to be proactive, attentive and efficient. 

The Responder Software Application takes the system performance and reliability of the Responder Nurse Call System and harnesses the power of a networked PC interface that makes patient and staff information easily accessible anytime, anywhere. From its easy-to-use staff sign-on and staff scheduling to a privacy-protecting patient whiteboard, health care facilities have the resources they need to help nurses and managers meet the growing demands of their jobs.

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