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ASCC integrates the Responder 5 to a wide variety of Real Time Locating Systems finding staff and assets quickly and communicating their location promptly.  ASCC has worked with a variety of RTLS manufacturers such as Versus, Aeroscout, Centrak, Visonic and others to ensure a truly seamless integration and user experience.

With the simple action of providing IR-RFID badges to patients and caregivers it can easily be determined location and wait time of patients, the status of patients (ready to be seen, with physician, in X-ray, etc), the room status (available, assigned, in need of cleaning), where patients and/or their caregivers are to go next and where bottlenecks are causing delays. 

Patient flow software drives efficiency by reducing time spent searching for people and assets, automatically communicating need-to-know information, integrating EMR, Scheduling, Lab and other data into one easy-to-read board, automating data entry through healthcare systems integration, providing historical analytics for continual process improvement and giving team leaders the knowledge to make real-time workflow and staffing adjustments.

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