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ASCC Hospital solutions include life safety and workflow process improvement, as well as security and safety options for staff and patients. Nurse call has evolved into workflow, asset tracking, EMR integration, and real-time locating all connected to mobile devices and providing data for meaningful reports.

  • Workflow Optimization: Workflow terminals can empower nurses to create on-demand workflow for each patient, which can integrate directly to the EMR, streaming processes and improving outcomes.

  • EMR Integrations: With All-Touch Integration, activities are documented directly into the EMR and charting of data within the EMR is communicated back to workflow terminals in the patient room.

  • RTLS: Fully integrated Real-Time Locating Systems create efficiency with automated processes, more accurate billing, shorter wait times and highly satisfied patients and staff.

  • Mobility: Mobile solutions allow for better communications, quicker response times and better level of care by getting the right message to the right person.

  • Analytics: Robust reporting options provide useful data to better manage staffing levels and patient care. Customizable reports focus on your goals and outcomes.

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