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Retail customers within the C-Store sector face complex challenges due to convergence of technologies over the decades. As the need for technology has grown, so has the volume of equipment often provided by a variety of vendors. The result can be a communications nightmare!  Efficient information technology in a C-store requires use of vendors with unique understanding of the C-store market and experience with the complete OSI Seven-layer model of networks – a value-add that ASCC brings to the C-Store workplace!

  • ASCC, Inc. has been focused on the C-store sector for many years and belongs to NACS and PCATS to strengthen our capabilities and commitment in this sector.  With the help of ASCC, your C-Store can become and remain "technology-friendly."  

  • ASCC is experienced and competent with many technologies: Data networking, telephony, door access control, video surveillance and POS.

  • ASCC technicians are certified.

  • ASCC has complete in-house CAD capabilities.

  • ASCC's installation team is capable of implementing a range of mixed technologies, from traditional analog systems to converged IP-based solutions.

  • ASCC has multi-site, multi-crew capabilities.

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