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Organizations today face an increasing variety of security threats. These include direct threats to property and people, as well as indirect threats of costly litigation stemming from actual or fictitious incidents involving property or people.

ASCC provides a comprehensive set of loss prevention and surveillance tools to maximize operational efficiencies. A 24/7 set of virtual eyes and ears capture irrefutable evidence, accessible anytime, allowing companies to save time and improve profits.  

ASCC designs, installs and services IP and digital security systems, including digital video recorders for SMB and network video recording for larger business and school districts.  We integrate access control, alarms, and emergency communication systems as well as handling all aspects of the installation from wiring through system software configuration and training.

ASCC is responsive to our customers and always provides prompt, excellent service. If you need the best in security systems, ASCC can provide the solution.

Contact ASCC to learn more.

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