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Whether it’s Presentation, Collaboration, Conferencing or Display – video and audio go together and are an essential part of business, education and government communications. Clear, clean sound and video are essential to grab audience attention, as well as deliver an impactful message.

Millennials use it and expect it in both their daily lives and now in the workspace.  They use AV, Interactivity Tools, Wireless Connectivity, Digital Signage and Room Automation Systems to work more efficiently and more creatively.

Lectures, meetings, boardrooms and auditoriums all require higher levels of quality from their audio and video systems. By moving to an all digital platform customers leverage their existing network infrastructure to deliver audio and video over IP.

ASCC engineering staff, along with partners at leading manufacturers of these systems, has been designing, installing and servicing - private cable, audio/video, digital signage and room automation systems for our customers for many years. Make ASCC your source for professional Audio/Video Systems.

Contact ASCC to learn more.

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