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Centrak + Rauland = Big Win for Excela Health

ASCC has worked closely with Excela to design and implement a communication and workflow system that maximizes patient care efficiency and quality. ASCC installed and deployed the Rauland Responder 5 Nurse Call system, a care integration platform for a wide range of care delivery systems.

ASCC installed Centrak’s real time locating system to automate several processes, provide enhanced communication capabilities for their staff, and faster response times for patients.
ASCC is now working with Excela to expand their Centrak system facility wide to track assets as well. This will allow them to easily determine the exact location of tagged assets, reduce equipment shrinkage, and decrease the time staff spends searching for equipment.
With Rauland Responder 5 coupled with Centrak RTLS, Excela has access to extensive reporting tools that are aimed at discovering patient workflow efficiency's, tracking interactions between patients and clinical staff, and correcting problems and issues that may not otherwise be easily recognized.

From user-friendly staff assignment software, customized workflows, and wireless iphone integration, Excela Health System is leveraging powerful technology to assist and support health care providers in delivering the highest quality of patient care possible with a superior level of accuracy and efficiency.

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