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Our Leadership Team

ASCC management believes in the highest ethical standards, that customers be provided superior service at a fair price and recognizes our employees are ASCC’s principal asset. Customer satisfaction is a primary goal and outstanding people are the key to our success.

ASCC management encourages teamwork and honest, respectful and direct communication.  We recognize the importance of diversity and of building on each other’s strengths.  We acknowledge our responsibility as a corporation extends beyond ASCC and desire all our employees contribute in a positive way to society.

ASCC challenges our management and talented workforce to achieve excellence in all of our undertakings, knowing that “Our last effort provides a testimonial to our next.”

Tom Marx

President & CEO

With both an MBA and Physics degree, Tom Marx has led ASCC from its launch in 1985 as a satellite communication company to present day success. Tom oversaw the significant evolution of ASCC as it adapted to the rapidly changing technology landscape with a vision to be the best value, highest quality solutions provider clients could find.

Tom credits success to his ASCC team and their three fundamental principles of knowledge, innovation and integrity. 

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